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 Value for Money  3.3
 Rooms  3.0
 Cleanliness  3.3
 Location  4.0
 Security & Safety  3.7
 Service & Staff  3.0
 Food / Dining  3.3
 Total  3.4


User Rating:  2.5
Reviewer:   Marvin N. of College Park/MD, United States
Reviewed:   October 2, 2008  (see hostel reviews from
Traveled:   September 2008     Type:   Single
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
Arrived 9/3/08 in the late evening and was directed by host in the basement to room 202. A few minutes after lying down to sleep I felt like I was being bitten. Upon turning on the lights I saw bedbugs all over my bed. Stayed up all night and ca. 40 bedbugs were killed the first night. Notified the host in the basement and said he had had no compliants, but if you do a Google search for reviews of this place on "boo" website, you will see a review by a guest on 8/08 where bedbugs were mentioned. Host mentioned spraying, so the next morning I went to a hardware store and purchased an appropriate spray and left it on the computer deck with the expectation that the host would spray my room while I was out. When returned the spray with next to my towels. Do it yourself was reading of this. I did and the bedbug problems was controlled until the morning I left when I spotted 3 adult bedbugs which means another generation was ready for the next unfortunate occupant of room 202.
My accommodations included a shared bathroom, but where was the soap and toilet paper. The former was a size less than bar of soap you get in motel and the latter didn'd show up until my ninth day. I bought my own soap and toilet paper.
Any lodging establishment that does not care AT ALL about it's customers is providing no better lodging than a "flophouse" for streetwalkers.

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