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 Bunbury, Australia
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Top Reviews in Bunbury, Australia:

Dolphin Retreat Bunbury Read all 24 full reviews for Dolphin Retreat Bunbury

14 Wellington Street
We had a good time in Bunbury visiting family. The Dolphin Retreat was very good and very busy so is ...
A place good for backpackers to stay in... Facilities is quite clean to use it... ...
Very welcoming, helpful and kind. The people staying there were cool too! ...

Wander Inn Bunbury Backpackers Read all 38 full reviews for Wander Inn Bunbury Backpackers

16 Clifton Street
We stay for only one night cela good accommodation people where Nice. Only one Guy at 4 am start a  ...
At first sight I was nearly chockad. It was not any other hostel I’ve ever ben. The lines of c ...
What a lovely place to stay! The staff were amazing and tremendously helpful.   I wish I could hav ...

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