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Northern Ireland


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 City of London, England
 Ballyneety, Ireland
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Top Reviews in City of London, England:

Bay Tree House Bed and Breakfast Read all 9 full reviews for Bay Tree House Bed and Breakfast

59 Brookdale
Bed and breakfast
English vocabulary is not rich enough to describe our (short) stay with James and Janice! Perfect lo ...
I had a four nights stay there on my own after the trip to Eastern Europe. This was the first time I ...
Mike and I were delighted with our two days here. Janice and James were warm and welcoming and grea ...

Windsor House Hotel Read 1 full review for Windsor House Hotel

12 Penywern Road
Bed and breakfast

Heathrow Lodge Read 1 full review for Heathrow Lodge

Heathrow Lodge
Bed and breakfast
The place is too noisy - not due to the fact that it is overlooking the Heathrow airport runway but  ...
I stayed one night only at Heathrow Lodge before flying out to San Francisco.This is the 3rd  time ...

Pasha Hotel Read all 2 full reviews for Pasha Hotel

158 Camberwell Road
I just visit the hotel, this hotel is very far to london cneter, the area is really popular.  anyw ...
We had a lovely stay in the Pasha hotel. The staff were lovely and very helpful. The hotel was spo ...

Royal Hyde Park Hotel Read 1 full review for Royal Hyde Park Hotel
106/110 Queensway
Very good location and good bed. All other is standard with reasonable price. ...

Chelsea Embankment Read all 6 full reviews for Chelsea Embankment

68 Lots Road
Logement situé dans un quartier agréable.  Giovanni est disponible et sympathique.b ...
Thank you for the hospitality! Our room was beautiful and the host Giovanni the most helpful person. ...
We had a wonderful time at Chelsea Embankment Guesthouse, it's one of the best places I've ever stay ...

Lyndhurst Rooms Read all 42 full reviews for Lyndhurst Rooms
34 Lyndhurst Grove
We had some troubles with our check-in. We were told to call two hours before arrival at the hostel, ...
it was dirty i can not find word for this and no hot water for 3 days overflooded wc`s  no persona ...
Aucun personnel d'accueil dans l'auberge de jeunesse. Attente très longue pour avoir la chamb ...

Totterdown Casa Read all 41 full reviews for Totterdown Casa
51 Totterdown Street
Merece la pena si quieres algo barato, sólo para dormir y solo sabes hablar español ,  ...
A couple of days before our arrival I made an overseas phonecall to let the owners from Totterdown C ...
Small but clean rooms. Three bathrooms in the house, but shered with alomost all the resident of the ...

Forest Gate Hotel Read all 15 full reviews for Forest Gate Hotel

105 Godwin Road
The worst place I've ever stayed in. Bare bulb in room, no bedside lamp, poorly decorated with patc ...
is the worst hotel that I have ever been!!! the sheets and towels smells bad and contains stains, th ...
I think many of the reviews of this hotel are unfair. I have stayed at this hotel 3 times. The bat ...

Fulham Guesthouse Read all 26 full reviews for Fulham Guesthouse

18 Dawes Road
Had a welcoming feeling, all rooms were clean and tidy. Cleaner was round everyday to do bathrooms e ...
Its nearly impossible to find informations about this place online. This should be a warning. I only ...
The location is perfect, in my favourite part of London. By the way it was difficult to enter the ho ...

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Northern Ireland

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