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Northern Ireland


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 Edinburgh, Scotland
 East London, England
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 Scotland England

Top Reviews in Edinburgh, Scotland:

Edinburgh Church Apartments Read 1 full review for Edinburgh Church Apartments

15/1 Caledonian Road
A great stay! The location was very central and offered everything we wanted to do within walking di ...

Haggis Hostels Read 1 full review for Haggis Hostels

5/3 West Register Street
Excellent Hostel! And the staff is very friendly and helpful. Beds were very comfy and it had really ...

City Centre Guest House Hostel Read all 5 full reviews for City Centre Guest House Hostel

87 Shandwick Place
For cheap accomodation, this hostel is great. The staff were always friendly & helpful with wha ...
Stayed for just over a week and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. The location is great ...
Being at a good location is the only virtue of this so-called hostel. 3 floors, each one with around ...

Top Reviews in East London, England:

Cranbrook Hotel Read 1 full review for Cranbrook Hotel

22/24 Coventry Road,
We traveled as a couple for 2 nights here at the Hotel. The moment you walked in there was a very fr ...

House 176 London Read all 2 full reviews for House 176 London

176 Commercial Road
I used this apartnent as a budget room in London. It is v basic - OK if you are a student but wont b ...
the place is nice, location is good, the staff is friendly. I stayed in one of the apt in 519 commer ...

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Northern Ireland

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