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Northern Ireland


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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Killarney, Ireland
 East London, England
 Banagher, Ireland
 Edinburgh, Scotland
 South Shields, England
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 Ireland England

Top Reviews in Killarney, Ireland:

Countess House Read 1 full review for Countess House

Countess Road
Bed and breakfast
Really enjoyed our stay. Room size good, extremely friendly and helpful owners, wonderful breakfast ...

Nashville Read 1 full review for Nashville

Tralee Road
Bed and breakfast
The owner was so welcoming and kind! My boyfriend and I stayed at the Nashville B&B for two nigh ...

HarmonyInn - Rivermere Read all 40 full reviews for HarmonyInn - Rivermere

Killarney Inn
Bed and breakfast
Have stayed here many times and will always come back. Great location, ample parking, big clean room ...
Had a lovely week at the Rivermere HarmonyInn, friendly personnell, clean towels almost every day, b ...
Awesome experience ...

HarmonyInn - Glena Read all 31 full reviews for HarmonyInn - Glena

Muckross Road
Bed and breakfast
Stayed in Glena House the night before Lakes of Killarney marathon. Great accommodation, great price ...
This is a very nice small hotel within walking distance to Killarney town centre. Excellent well-app ...
Definitely recommend. Great place to stay. Friendly staff. Great breakfast ...

Kingscourt - Harmonyinn Read all 19 full reviews for Kingscourt - Harmonyinn

Muckross Road
Located centrally, no need for taxis. Town centre only a short walk away. Staff were very friendly a ...
Brilliant guesthouse. Great location. Brilliant breakfast. ...
The perfect lodgings in Killarney. Great location - excellent value ...

Crystal Springs Guest House Read all 3 full reviews for Crystal Springs Guest House

Crystal Springs
Eileen and Tim have a lovely B&B conveniently located to downtown Kilarney. Eilleen is a warm ho ...
I would say this is the best B&B in the world and I have stayed in quite a few. ...
Lamento comentar que no fue una estancia cómoda ni agradable. Tuvimos problemas el día ...

Top Reviews in East London, England:

Cranbrook Hotel Read 1 full review for Cranbrook Hotel

22/24 Coventry Road,
We traveled as a couple for 2 nights here at the Hotel. The moment you walked in there was a very fr ...

House 176 London Read 1 full review for House 176 London
176 Commercial Road
the place is nice, location is good, the staff is friendly. I stayed in one of the apt in 519 commer ...

Top Reviews in Banagher, Ireland:

Charlottes Way BB Read 1 full review for Charlottes Way BB

The Hill
Bed and breakfast
We just back from our stay at Charlotte's Way. Its a wonderful B&B! We were on a week long trip  ...

Top Reviews in Edinburgh, Scotland:

Haggis Hostels Read 1 full review for Haggis Hostels

5/3 West Register Street
Excellent Hostel! And the staff is very friendly and helpful. Beds were very comfy and it had really ...

Top Reviews in South Shields, England:

Annie's Guest House Read 1 full review for Annie's Guest House

Bed and breakfast
Loved our stay at this Guest House. You can tell that this property is loved by its owners. It had e ...

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Northern Ireland

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