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Отдых на Байкале

Bargudzin Tokum Hotel - Get cheap hostel rates and check availability in Ust'-Barguzin 10 photos

  Sun 03-Mar-2019  -  Mon 04-Mar-2019 (1 night)

RUB 3,500.00 room per night
(with 3 beds)
Private bath   
RUB 3,600.00 room per night
Двухместный (with 2 beds)
Shared bath   
RUB 4,000.00 room per night
Полулюкс (with 1 bed)
Shared bath   
RUB 4,500.00 room per night
3 Местный (with 3 beds)
Shared bath   
RUB 5,000.00 room per night
Люкс (with 1 bed)
Shared bath   

Ust Barguzin
Pereulok Bolnichniy, 9-1


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Guest house on the shore of lake Baikal, Buryatia

Beketovs' Guesthouse - Get cheap hostel rates and check availability in Ust Barguzin 8 photos

  Sun 03-Mar-2019  -  Mon 04-Mar-2019 (1 night)

RUB 1,950.00 bed per night
Twin (with 2 beds)
Full-board meals    Shared bath    Linens included   

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