Tom's Place

Tom's Place

Baguio City, Bnguet, Philippines - Marcos Highway, Camp Alley Burnharm Park
PHP 2,000 mỗi đêm
PHP 2,000 mỗi đêm

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Baguio Apartments:
Vacation House Marcos Highway
Highway Full house, fully furnished with two rooms, it has a wide living room with fire place , kitchen and one comfort room and shower room (hot and cold). Good for 5 persons. 20 minutes away from town

Transient House in Camp alley
3 minutes walk to Burnham Park, 5 minutes walk to city market, 4minutes walk to city hall and just 100meters from Caltex-Legarda. With hot shower, 24hrs running water, terrace, rooftop playground and 360 degree Baguio view, cozy, nice, clean and newly built 7-unit apartments, with 7- car garage and internet access cable.. can accomodate from 4 to 16 pax per unit or for a total of 60 guests. We provide beds, beddings, blankets, pillows, stove and gas, plates, spoons, forks, mugs, pots, ladles.

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  • Loại tài sản: Apartment
  • Apartment phòng / căn hộ: 2
Apartment phòng trọ

Giá thấp nhất có sẵn: PHP 2,000 (Philippine Peso)


Khu vực lân cận

The balconies are truly a place to view amazing sunsets. The sun sets at the end of the valley. When the mountain mist flows over the mountains and is illuminated by the setting sun, the view is breathtaking. On rare occasions, you can see the ocean. At first I thought it was an illusion, but as the air cleared, I could see a peninsula and the simmer of the ocean. I have seen the ocean once in three months. You may be one of the lucky ones for a rare glimpse. The mountain mist can roll down covering the valley in a blanket of gray within minutes.

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PHP 2,000 mỗi đêm (Philippine Peso)

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You can make a deposit by Paypal using your credit card or Paypal account, or deposit into our bank account.

If you cannot make the deposit in time, please inform us as the next reservation has the option to make a deposit. It is first come first served basis. In the off season, you can telephone ahead and if there is spacejust show up. During holidays or high tourist days you should make your booking as early as possible.

Vị trí - Apartment

Marcos Highway, Camp Alley Burnharm Park
Baguio City, Bnguet
Philippines    2600

Vĩ độ: 16.35561, Kinh độ: 120.49193